I Am Duran

‘It’s a masterfully done, powerful example of fine film making, more jarring than an entire CGI infused summer blockbuster. Or perhaps even a knockout blow from a world class fighter.’

I Am Durán tells the epic story of Roberto Durán – a fighter ranked as one of the most entertaining, controversial and greatest of all time.

A one man wrecking ball born into poverty, who took on the world; Durán inspired the people of Panama to rise up against American control and their CIA-funded dictator. I Am Durán is the definitive documentary story of this incredible man, his career and legacy.

​​Featuring: Roberto Durán, Sylvester Stallone, Robert De Niro, Sugar Ray Leonard, Don King.

Theatrical Doc Completed 2018


Shortlisted Grierson Award 2020: Best International Documentary

Winner: FOCAL International Awards 2020: Best Use of Footage in a Sports Production.

IMDB:             6.9/10

Producer:        Adhoc Films

Director:          Matt Hodgson 

Producers:       Dan Glynn, Andrew Baker, Louis Paltnoi, Patrick Nathanson

Distributor:     Universal Pictures