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Hey You! What If…?

C21Media article by Karolina Kaminska details our upcoming project ‘Hey You! What If…’

BBC kids’ channel CBBC has commissioned a comedy science series from factual and children’s indie Screen Glue.

Hey You! What If… (26×5′) offers answers to questions such as ‘What if the Earth was flat?’ or ‘What if the moon was made of cheese?’

Combining live-action and photo-real visual effects with motion graphics, each episode features one madcap experiment where the impossible is made real.

The series is distributed internationally by Beyond Distribution, which has made the show’s first sale, shopping it to Noga Communications in Israel for its Logi Channel.

Kez Margrie, CBBC’s commissioning editor, said: “Screen Glue has created a wonderfully innovative series that reveals how our world works by making it do things it’s not meant to do! Clever thought experiments, real science, brilliant visuals and terrific humour will succeed in delivering information about the world to our viewers in a truly entertaining and engaging way.”

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